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MarketingOwner Spotlights: Eye Candy

Owner Spotlights: Eye Candy

Owner Spotlight

Erica Hatfield, owner and manager of Team Eye Candy, is the original Major League Show Jumping superfan. When MLSJ was only a twinkle in Keean White and Matt Morrissey’s eyes, there was Ms. Hatfield, waiting to be the first to affix her name to a team contract. She knows a good thing when she sees it.

Defining Ms. Hatfield as an owner is nearly impossible because she and her family consider themselves to be just at the beginning of their involvement in the sport. Currently, they count their years in the sport in single digits, despite an already robust breeding program at their farm in the Midwest, a farm in  Wellington, FL, that hosts a string of competition horses racking up impressive successes as well as a promising group of young horses in Europe. And, don’t be surprised if Eye Candy pops up in another incarnation somewhere else soon.

Erica made a splash during the inaugural year of MLSJ with Eye Candy dominating the season and taking the first league title. She is also the authoress of the wildly popular and influential Instagram account @eyecandyjumpers. There you will find her latest endeavor, a deliciously interesting take on all things Major League called “The League Insider.”

She’s a horse owner, team manager, equine enthusiast, dedicated sportswoman, talented writer, philanthropist, liberated thinker and the inspiration behind the MLSJ mascot, Neon. Erica is an unapologetic cheerleader for MLSJ and leader of a passionate group of people who are the fuel that runs Team Eye Candy; from the riders, vets, farriers and horse care specialists to global directors, groundskeepers and support staff—the list of people who give Eye Candy its undeniable flare is endless.